Monday, July 27, 2009

My loot from Renegade

I have a few more interviews to share but let's take a break from those so that I can share with you what I bought at the fair.

I have been looking forward to the day when I can finally own one of Emily's dolls. So cute!

Birdhouse Specimen Collection No. 1 by Lisa Congdon

Friday, July 24, 2009

Renegade: Interview with Jen Hewett

Name: Jen Hewett

Describe your art: Print maker and crafter. It’s slightly girly without being poufy.

What is your favorite item that you’re selling at Renegade SF: That’s hard! It’s either the Michelle Obama paper dolls or the silk screen bags with the shoes on them.

Name artists that are also here today that you admire: Diana Fayt, love her stuff and also Mati Rose.

Where do you find inspiration: Pretty much everywhere. I’m out and about a lot and things catch my eye, colors catch my eye.

I was happy to see Jen's booth at Renegade. She is actually a friend of a friend, however I was not expecting to see her there. I instantly loved her stuff at first glance. Based on the note on her Etsy shop, it sounds like I wasn't the only one! She sold out of a lot of her prints during the fair. Congratulations Jen!

Monday, July 20, 2009

Renegade: Interview with kg + ab

The next few posts will be interviews from artists and crafters that I met at Renegade.

Katherine Grandey and Andy Byers of kg + ab

Describe your art:
It’s porcelain from vintage molds. Porcelain figurines and decal dinnerware.

What is your favorite item that you’re selling at Renegade SF:
I think the dinosaur nerds plate is my favorite.

Name artists that are also here today that you admire:
I love Loyalty & Blood, I also like Ryan Berkeley who does prints and our friend Jocelyn of Nous Savons who is from San Francisco.

Where are you based:
We’re from Brooklyn

I was instantly captured by kg + ab's booth when I walked by it the first time. Being the porcelain lover that I am, of course I had to stop and look around. My husband and I actually stopped by there a few times throughout the day. You know what the crazy thing is? We both bought this Porcelain Chihuahua head from them separately as a surprise to each other. So now we have 2!

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Renegade Craft Fair San Francisco

We had a wonderful sun shiny weekend here in San Francisco. I however, spent my Saturday indoors. Why do you ask? Well I didn't mind it one bit because this weekend, you guessed it, the Renegade Craft Fair came to San Francisco. I have been so flippin' excited about this for months!

Setting up booths early in the morning

Last year I was merely a spectator at the fair. I walked around, took pictures and bought a few items. This year I decided to up the ante a wee bit by volunteering to help 2 of my favorite local artist's, Diana Fayt and Lisa Congdon who shared a booth at the fair.

Diana Fayt's lovely wares

So many of my favorite artists were under one roof, it was the happiest place on earth! Mati Rose, Diana Fayt, Lisa Congdon, Emily Martin, 3 Fish Studios, Sarah Paloma and Small Stump.

In addition, I also did something different for myself, I went around and interviewed a few of the artists that were present.

I discovered so many other talented artists, print makers, jewelers and toy makers like the talented Tugboat Printshop husband and wife team, Sourdough handmade, Tiny Sparks Design and a few more that I will profile in upcoming posts. I literally had to walk around at least 5 or 6 times to take it all in because every time I walked by I kept seeing something new that I missed.

I can't wait to share the interviews with you, please check back soon!

Sunday, July 12, 2009

Something's Pink

This past Friday, I went to the opening of Mati and Lisa's show at the Curiosity Shoppe. The show is entitled Little Pink Houses. The first thing I noticed while walking towards the store is how many people were hanging out right outside. As we squeezed our way into the store to see the installation, I ran into Mati in her lovely pink dress. By my feet was the ever cute Wilfredo wearing a pink necktie just for the occasion!

Wilfredo and Lisa

I expected lively paintings and cute pink houses. These 2 artists did not disappoint. The show is an explosion of color, whimsy and nature. If you are in San Francisco, you really must see it in person, the show will be up until July 31.

Alternatively, the art work is also available online.