Tuesday, August 19, 2008

night pictures

I took some spur of the moment night pictures. You can see the bigger versions on flickr.

Monday, August 18, 2008

a new yoga mat bag

I miraculously made a yoga mat bag after work last week. I honestly have not made one in months so I was glad for this burst of energy. I was able to finish the whole thing in very little time too. It made me miss sewing. I really like my new sewing machine. Everything is so much easier, the threading, the back stitching, no snags, everything went very smoothly.

The yoga mat bag is in my shop now. This is a fabric that I bought from Purl in New York and is one of my favorites.

neighborhood garage sale

Our neighborhood had its annual community wide garage sale. This year, we actually participated and sold knick knacks that we had sitting around in the basement. We did pretty well and sold more than half of what we put out. I still made sure that I had time to go around the neighborhood and check out the other garage sales. I found a couple of great stuff.

I bought this from our gentlemen neighbors across the street. They were selling very cool antique china, glass, photos, drawings and paintings. This particular one is called Ami De Personne (nobody's friend) by Honore Daumier and is an original lithograph.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008


I just bought this vase from one of my favorite artists, Diana Fayt. I can't wait to get it in the mail. The vase is called gizella, so it's just appropriate for me to have one, don't you think?

Speaking of namesakes, there's a Gisele chair available at DWR. I just love the shade and shape of the wood. It's interesting to know though that this chair gets it's name from Gisele, the supermodel.

Images courtesy of Diana Fayt and DWR.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

unwinding and eating over the weekend

My weekend was spent unwinding, catching up with friends and of course, eating. I'm actually just realizing that the pictures that I'm about to post are mostly of food. What can I say, I love to eat! After a few exhausting weeks at work, it was really nice to take time off for myself.

I was able to explore the city a little bit. I paid a visit to the Slow Food Nation Victory Garden at San Francisco's Civic Center. I also kept forgetting to bring the SLR camera with me so all of these images were taken with my phone, so forgive the quality.

Steps of the San Francisco City Hall.

The Victory Garden.

I stopped by for a quick bite at Mission Pie. This was the yummy Plum Frangipane pie.

Today, we also went to Samovar and had their Chai Masala and the Tumeric Tea Cake.