Monday, October 29, 2007

food + sewing room update

I've been cooking more often lately, which makes the hubby happy. Maybe it's because of our inspired + inspiring kitchen. Whatever the case may be, I made a feast last weekend. I woke up that Sunday morning with one thought in my mind: cioppino. So I set out to our old 'hood, the Richmond, and bought lots and lots of seafood. I just have to say, even though it means that I have to toot my own horn, that it turned out fabulously. So fabulous in fact that I am already planning on making it for my in-laws when they come to visit us over the holidays.

Yesterday, I made pizza with tomatoes, sausage, pancetta and mushrooms. I also bought some pomegranate which is a first. I had to go online to find out how to open it. It is yum! We will definitely buy more before the season is over.

On to other things, I've started to organize the sewing room a bit more so that I can actually start sewing in there. I purposely wanted an open cabinet so that I will be forced to keep it organized and it's also a good way to display my collections of fabric, ceramics and art. This is not the final home of the prints, this is the for now location until I get the time to hang them up on the opposite wall.

Prints from L-R: Mati Rose's Sounds of Silence, theblackapple's Miss Cupcake, Lisa Congdon's Birch Tree, thrifted vintage botanical trio, theblackapple's Acorn Twins, theblackapple's Appledress Girl.

Monday, October 22, 2007

instinctive colors

A really quick post cuz I really should be working :). We entered our home into the Apartment Therapy fall colors contest. Granted I know these are not the best pictures but we realized that we would have missed the deadline if we didn't take photos right at that moment.

Anyways, please visit and vote! More later.

Saturday, October 13, 2007

shop update!

Finally, it's here the long awaited (by me, at least) shop update! I've managed to produce 3 new yoga mat bags yay! I have more on the way but who knows how long that will be? They are now available at my shop. I especially love the red one, I've also made it so that the fabric lining inside contrasts with the outer fabric. Small things like this make me happy.

Monday, October 8, 2007

I'm comin' out

Like I mentioned, this is a bit of a big deal for me. I'm posting the first picture of myself on my blog. I wanted to make sure I followed-up with all the talk that I did in the previous post so here I am. I didn't let myself back out. I'm working on the quality of the photo. This was taken with the camera propped on the kitchen counter using a self timer. I think we have a tripod somewhere, gotta find it. Also, in the morning I am always in a hurry cuz I'm always running late so.. anyway enough excuses. Here I am.

Top: Bought at Capsule Fair 2 years ago
Jumper dress: Target
Tights: Le Old Navy
Peep toes: Payless (believe it or not they are uber comfortable!)

Thursday, October 4, 2007

being myself

i appreciate this post found over at bits and bobbins. it is good to be reminded once in a while to be true to who you are. i've always struggled with this ever since i was young. we have to be honest, as human beings we are always influenced by what's happening around us. it is just now that i'm older, more matured that i am finally finding my own self. i'm starting to learn not to care what other people think, or even knowing that other people are not even really paying that much attention. i'm learning to just dress up how i want, with what i'm comfortable in and with what i think looks good on me. i still falter many times, of course but i think what's important is that i try.

i joined the wardrobe_remix group on flickr. i intend to start contributing to this group soon. i admire all these men and women who put themselves out there. i tend to be on the shy side so this'll be a big step. as you may have noticed, i don't really like to show my face on my blog so this is also sort of a little "coming out". at the same time, i think it's a good way to display my recent thrift store purchases. i've made several trips in the last few months and have found a few good things, some of them for mere pennies. i'm addicted!

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

all in a row

Sunday was pleasant. I spent a few hours with Mati at her studio. I met her studio mates, we had yummy croissant on their rooftop and I showed her a thing or two about sewing machines. Afterwards, the hubby and I went to Ikea to continue our furniture hunt. We weren't too lucky on the furniture front but we found some dish towels, a duvet cover and a few lampshades. The find of the day, however, are these wonderful Matryoshka dolls. I yelped with glee when I saw them and I swear the people around me were looking at me like I was crazy.

The baby doll was still asleep, I didnt want to wake her up :p.