Thursday, July 19, 2007

revelation, oh and i'm a pro

I mentioned in this previous post that changes were happening in my life. Well, it's time to reveal what that big change is. We moved in to a new home! We love this home, we were anticipating our move for weeks and when we finally did, it was a relief. We just have to unpack, tidy up and buy a few key pieces of furniture. We're being very picky with the pieces that we pick. One rule is that we have to love it! If it's just so-so we pass it up and move on to the next furniture store or antique shop or craigslist ad. One thing I'm really, really looking forward to is to set up my sewing room. I have a few ideas floating in my head for the walls and a few great pieces of furniture, I can't wait to put this room together!

I started a flickr set (where I am now a pro, woohoo!) to chronicle the work in progress, please make sure to come back and check periodically. I also plan to post any major developments in this blog. I want to use interior decoration and my sewing to compliment each other and inspire me to create and be surrounded by very lovely things. Wish us luck!

going, going, gone

I'm out of yoga mat bags! I've sold them all. I'm so happy - it's time to make more. Yipppeee. That's it, just a quick note :).


I have made the decision to subscribe to as many magazines that I can afford. I will use it for inspiration in my decoration and purse making. I have a short list of zines, I need suggestions from y'all as to what magazines you read and what you like about it the most. Here's my list: Lucky, Vogue, Domino, Martha Stewart Living, Budget Travel, Dwell, Ready Made, Elle Decor. I think that represents the variety of my interests. Anything else you love?

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

my new shirt

yay! so i did purchase this shirt after thinking about it for a while. the great thing was that when i finally made up my mind, it went on sale! perfect. i finally wore it today and here's a pic!

Sunday, July 8, 2007


Hey there, I've posted a whole bunch of pictures on flickr. As I mentioned in my previous post, I've been busy with life these days. However, I still had time to go to the Alameda Flea Market last weekend and walk through Golden Gate Park yesterday. Ever since I started sewing and blogging, I've been taking more pictures. I take pictures of things that I see and go back to them periodically for inspiration. Here's a few that I took, please go to flickr for more.

We picked this desk up from the street a few months ago and we're finally painting it.

Taken while walking through the Rose Garden at Golden Gate Park.

TV at the Alameda Flea Market.

Monday, July 2, 2007

changes make life interesting

Lots of changes happening in my life as of late. That is partly why I haven't posted here or made anything recently. I'm in transition, sort of. I will keep you in suspense for now but I promise to reveal the newness at some point. Speaking of changes, I've been spending a lot of time on design blogs recently. Blog like D*S, SF Apartment Therapy, SFGirlByBay, decor8, etc. I've also been going to a lot of furniture stores just to check out what they have. I've noticed that my design style is evolving, changing. Here's one item that I desire, I swear I will have this in my house at some point preferably the original.

We went to the Alameda Flea Market yesterday. Later this week, I'll post images of our finds and some other interesting things we saw.