Sunday, October 26, 2008

noe valley harvest festival

Yesterday, the hubby, Momo and I went to the Noe Valley harvest festival. The street fair was very mellow and kid friendly, just like the neighborhood. There were booths that featured local artists and crafters selling their wares as well as local community organizations. There was also a sidewalk chalk drawing contest for kids of all ages. It was a great way to spend a very nice San Francisco day.

Friday, October 24, 2008

rare device

I went to the Rare Device anniversary party tonight with my friends, R & A. It was their 1 year anniversary in San Francisco and they celebrated it with an Octoberfest party. I bought A Year of Mornings. I've been excited about this book since I was a very loyal fan of the blog.

A bought a t-shirt for her hubby and earrings for herself. R was obsessing about the felt rocks but she didn't end up buying them. They also have the Sarajo Frieden show up. I really really want to buy one (or 3) of his collages but as usual, money is the question. Someday we will be able to afford grown up art.

I took some photos but I didn't have my real camera with me so I had to use my phone camera.

Thursday, October 23, 2008


I am a collector, not a pack rat but a collector. After moving so many times in the last few years, I've learned to periodically purge my closet, donate clothes and shoes that I don't wear anymore. Just a few months ago, we went through our basement, took out what we didn't need anymore and had a garage sale. But I collect. I have a collection of fabrics, buttons, threads, ribbons, hats, cards, teacups and saucers, ceramics, shoes, vintage clothes, magazines, books and so much more. I also have a virtual collection of blogs, photos, bookmarks and emails.

I save these things because I find them beautiful. I also collect them because in the present time, I honesty don't have time to sit down and admire their beauty. Instead, I file them for later use. For that time in the future where I will have countless number of hours to look, touch, explore and appreciate these things. For that time in the future when I will actually do something useful with these things, something that will make me happy and fulfilled. For the time when I follow my dream. I'm starting to think when that time will ever come? For when am I saving these things for? I'm feel more and more like I just keep pushing that future out. Because I'm too busy, because I'm too tired. Because I have lots of excuses.