Sunday, December 21, 2008

Indie Holiday Shopping Series 2008: Rare Device

Talk about last minute shopping. I still have a few presents to buy. A stop at Rare Device will guarantee that I will cross some names from the list.

Here's what I'll buy from them:

Ted Light
This is made from vintage teacups. My love of teacups + lighting makes this a perfect item.

Clocky is a great gift for your friend who is always running late.

Radiolarian Shirt
There's a boy version and a girl version. This is by artist Lisa Congdon, who also co-owns Rare Device. This is a Poketo shirt. I love sea creatures plus the colors on this shirt just speaks out to me.

A Year of Mornings
I am a fan of 3191. I was so glad when I heard that they were making it into a book. This is a great gift for anyone who can use a little inspiration from the beauty of everyday things.

Pinky Ring
I've tried this on at the store. I really love how it's so simple and yet it makes such a statement. Maybe I'll go back and buy this as a birthday present for myself. Hmm..

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

'tis the season

Our tree is up! I love the smell that has filled up the room.

These are my favorite ornaments.

This reminds me of home.

Bird magnet turned into ornaments. From Anthro.

Acorn from 1767 Church Street

Diana Fayt Studio Sale

Last Saturday, we made our way to the Bayview neighborhood of San Francisco to pay a visit to Diana Fayt's studio sale. We came around 12:30 so there were still a lot of pieces on display.

Her pieces are even more beautiful up close than I can ever imagine. You can tell how much love and labor went into them.

After being there for a good chunk of time (almost an hour? gasp!), I became overwhelmed with indecision. Should I get the bowl? the plate? the vase? the cup? the glowbowls? the canteen vase? I love them all! How can I turn my back on any of them?

In the end, the hubby helped me out by grabbing the bowl, handing it to Diana telling that we're getting this and the canteen vase that I had in my hand. I said goodbye to Diana feeling happy, I couldn't wait to get home to unwrap the presents that we just bought for ourselves. See more pictures of her studio here.

My very own Diana Fayt Canteen vase

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Indie Holiday Shopping Series 2008: doe + 1767 Church St.

Tonight, we're going to visit doe and its sister store, 1767 Church St (formerly known as Church Street Apothecary). Both stores carry clothing, accessories, children's toys, clothes, books, cards, paper products and beauty products. They also carry a lot of San Francisco Bay Area made products.

Here are my picks from these stores:

Modaspia Ojai Black Dress
A very nice versatile LBD, you can dress this up or down. It's also very comfortable on. Perfect dress for all those holiday parties that you will go to. This is made in Oakland, CA by modaspia

Matt Bernson Moto Boots
Oh I love these boots! I would wear them everyday even on a not so cold day. I can probably get away with it here in San Francisco.

Jane Tran Peacock Hair Pin
I've just chopped my hair short but if still had long hair, I would definitely go for this!

Clam Locket
Not your everyday necklace but this one is so pretty and borderline kitchy (in a great way), I love it! The chain is made of links and is long and adjustable which makes it versatile.

Cat LED Flashlight
This is a hand crank light LED flashlight. They actually have a pig version in the store which is super cute. Kids will love this because it's fun to play with. Parents will love it because it's useful at the same time.

Tales from the Brothers Grimm Book
This book is for kids and kids at heart. The illustration is wonderful, this is a book that you will treasure until you're 110.

Fatty by Ashley Goldberg
What else can I say? Super cute! Plus I love AshleyG so this is a no-brainer.

Ceramic Egg Planter in Olive
This would look so good in my dining room. You probably know by now that I love ceramics so of course I instantly fell in love with this.

Wild and Wolf Water Bottle
I own this water bottle and it's fabulous! Stylish and functional. It also comes as a flask and in 3 different patterns.

Molla Space By the Lake Cup and Saucer
I can't help it! It's hard to pass up a gorgeous tea cup and saucer set. There's always a hidden creature on the cup, how cool is that?

Pre de Provence Bar Soap
I don't usually use bar soap but I think I can make an exception for this one. The peony smells so good!