Sunday, June 22, 2008

back to the home front

Right after blogging about Willyburg, I have to turn right back around and talk about my hometown. Yesterday, Momo and I took a walk and ventured out onto the southern end of The Mission. I had read about Gravel and Gold in someone's blog (I can't remember which one) and figured that yesterday was a good day to finally check them out. It is a very tiny store but it is packed full of the most awesome stuff! Vintage clothes, bags and lovely jewelry. I tried on a fabulous vintage dress, but it was a wee bit small on me (sad) but I will definitely come back to check out their new stuff.

On my way to G&G, I passed by WhizBang Fabrics, what a pleasant surprise. It is also a small store and they sell mostly cotton prints. It kinda reminds me of Purl Soho of New York. I quickly browsed the store but didn't stay too long 'cuz I just didn't want to be tempted to buy fabric and add to my ever growing collection.

from brooklyn, with love

I've been wanting to blog about our not so recent trip to New York. After thinking about it, I think I'm going to concentrate on the day that we spent in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Williamsburg seems like a really hip area and it was also very design focused. We really enjoyed the time we spent there.

The only disappointment was that I was really looking forward to going to Domsey's Warehouse Outlet, which was described to me as a huge warehouse with endless racks of vintage things. Sounds like heaven to me. Unfortunately, when we got there, we discovered that it was closed. Bummer. I was still able to check out Beacon's Closet which was good, albeit a very snooty staff. I bought a purple vintage dress for a steal though.

There were lots of cool street art.

There were nice design shops like A & G Merch and The Future Perfect

Time to switch shoes, my feet were killing me.

Tuesday, June 3, 2008

speaking of beauty in everyday things

There's Wooster Collective. OK, back to the grind. Happy Tuesday, everyone.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

shop update!

After months and months of procrastination I've finally re-opened my shop. There are a few vintage finds and a couple of handmade things available. I am also giving away small lavender pillows to everyone who buys from the shop. Please take a look!

I have to say that my favorite portion of the "getting the shop ready" process is the picture taking. Hope you enjoy shopping.