Wednesday, August 22, 2007

mini house update

I don't really have much to show for it yet but wanted to keep you posted on our progress with our home. We found a dining table, which was from the as-is section at Ikea. It has very minor scratches you can even hardly see them. We had to disassemble it so that it'll fit in the car but I think it's a good trade off. We got it for about $100 off.

We also found these Bertoia counter stools on Craigslist, another score I must say. I have to give all the credit to my husband though, he's the one who's very patient about going online and checking many times a day and jumping up to seal the deal. I am planning to add cushions to make them more homey. You can also see more images on my flickr set.

Friday, August 17, 2007

tgi (summer) f

One of the perks that we get at my new job is Summer Fridays. We each get 4 fridays off between Memorial Day and Labor Day (isn't that awesome?). Today was a Summer Friday for me. The goal was to make as many yoga mat bags as possible. Alas, I was too distracted by the gorgeous weather and my new neighborhood, I was only able to make a grand total of 1 bag. Oh well, 2 more weekend days to go, right?

Mati's yoga mat bag.

My breakfast, rice cakes on a pretty plate.

I spent most of the morning hanging out at our porch and making the bag. After lunch, I took a walk around the 'hood and did some grocery shopping. I'm planning another yummy dinner for the hubby tomorrow night. Here's a pic that I snapped during my walk.

Weeds can be pretty.

Ok, I'm off to happy hour with some friends and then maybe dinner somewhere afterwards? Tomorrow is the 14th Annual Hillwide Garage Sale. Hopefully we'll score some wares, I'll post them here if we do. Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, August 15, 2007

inspiration around the web

Been blog reading today and wanted to share delicious pics that I happened upon.

Shabby Chic dining via decor8. Love the white, white, white. Incidentally, I picked up plates at Shabby Chic during my recent trip to NY for $2 a pop! They were heavy but well worth it. Thanks again Lenny for helping me lug them around NYC and the airport. Love ya!

Shabby Chic chair via decor8 as well. I love the fabric and dont you just want to sink into the chair like right now?!

Very pretty dresses via love forever. I myself am in a dress mood these last few months and been hitting up the vintage stores whenever I can. I was just thinking during my lunch time walk that i will start a flickr set of my vintage finds.

Lisa Congdon's latest masterpiece. I love this one, there's a sense of calm, beauty and simplicity in it.

Sunday, August 12, 2007

weekend report

I made some claims about grand plans for the weekend. Unfortunately, there is no finished product to show - yet. There are beginnings though, and they are promising ones.

Priming the walls.

Cut fabric, getting ready to sit down and sew! The 4 on top are my purchases from Pearl Purl (doh! thanks Lenny) during my recent NY trip.

Creativity of a different kind. I made dinner a few nights ago and this was the finished product. I used our new deep fryer which was a christmas gift from a friend.

Friday, August 10, 2007

the burning question

Well it's not really "burning" but that chair has been sitting at our house for a few months now. AT:SF posted my question that I wrote about the chair that we picked up from the street. I still haven't had time to research this at all what with all the moving, unpacking, travelling and working long hours at my day job lately.

In other creative news, the plan for this weekend is for us to paint my sewing room and the living room. I'm so excited to go to the paint store and pick the colors! Not so much excited about the manual labor, but it's part of the deal. I will definitely post the finished product here and on flickr. If I'm lucky enough to have time, I am also planning to make a few yoga mat bags to sell and also one to give to a new friend. My shop has been very empty lately and even if I don't sell any, it'll make me happy just to have more than 2 things there. I also just came back from NYC with my dear lenny, we stopped by the Purl Soho store and bought a few yards of ultra adorable fabric.

Stay tuned for finished products!