Monday, July 20, 2009

Renegade: Interview with kg + ab

The next few posts will be interviews from artists and crafters that I met at Renegade.

Katherine Grandey and Andy Byers of kg + ab

Describe your art:
It’s porcelain from vintage molds. Porcelain figurines and decal dinnerware.

What is your favorite item that you’re selling at Renegade SF:
I think the dinosaur nerds plate is my favorite.

Name artists that are also here today that you admire:
I love Loyalty & Blood, I also like Ryan Berkeley who does prints and our friend Jocelyn of Nous Savons who is from San Francisco.

Where are you based:
We’re from Brooklyn

I was instantly captured by kg + ab's booth when I walked by it the first time. Being the porcelain lover that I am, of course I had to stop and look around. My husband and I actually stopped by there a few times throughout the day. You know what the crazy thing is? We both bought this Porcelain Chihuahua head from them separately as a surprise to each other. So now we have 2!

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