Friday, July 24, 2009

Renegade: Interview with Jen Hewett

Name: Jen Hewett

Describe your art: Print maker and crafter. It’s slightly girly without being poufy.

What is your favorite item that you’re selling at Renegade SF: That’s hard! It’s either the Michelle Obama paper dolls or the silk screen bags with the shoes on them.

Name artists that are also here today that you admire: Diana Fayt, love her stuff and also Mati Rose.

Where do you find inspiration: Pretty much everywhere. I’m out and about a lot and things catch my eye, colors catch my eye.

I was happy to see Jen's booth at Renegade. She is actually a friend of a friend, however I was not expecting to see her there. I instantly loved her stuff at first glance. Based on the note on her Etsy shop, it sounds like I wasn't the only one! She sold out of a lot of her prints during the fair. Congratulations Jen!

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Jen said...

Thanks so much, Gigi! I'm honored to be included on your blog. I'm also jealous that you got two porcelain chihuahuas from kg + ab!