Monday, September 7, 2009

a visit to flora grubb

A couple of my girlfriends and I paid a visit to Flora Grubb nursery a few weeks ago to attend a succulent workshop. I was looking forward to this visit because I've heard so much about how wonderful this nursery is. The other big plus is that they have a Ritual Coffee bar within. It's hard to beat a beautiful scene + good latte + a sunshiny beautiful Saturday morning, camera in tow.

No shopping carts here, just Radio Flyer's litlle red wagon.

I love the various creative displays they had, starting with this gorgeous wall of succulents.

This old car has been used as a planter.

As well as this sink.

They even sell gardening supplies, books and garden furniture. I can literally spend an entire day here just lounging, admiring the plants, the display and sipping my coffee while getting inspiration.

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miarosa said...

i love the radio flyers and all the tiny plants...
Fun blog thats makes me happy this is!