Sunday, August 2, 2009

Renegade: Interview with Kitty Baby Love

Name: Sara, Ben and Baby Micah of Kitty Baby Love
Website: and

The cutest crayons on the planet

Describe your products: It’s handmade toys and home d├ęcor. Most are for little kids like the crayons and the bowling set. But we also have things like cards and candles. We try to make things that have a creative function and a useful function. Like the crayons are good for development for young kids. Also the bowling kitties help with motor skills. We like to make something that has fun, educational and creative values.

What is your favorite item that you’re selling at Renegade SF: Sara: My favorite item are the bowling kitties, they’re brand new. Ben: I think the crayons just because I like to draw and paint.

Bowling kitties!

Name artists that are also here today that you admire: (Sara) I heard the black apple is pretty popular, it’s cute stuff.
Where are you based: Where are in Oakland right now but we are moving to Portland.


Andres K. said...

They are sooo cute, I saw them and was contemplating buying them for my niece & nephew.

gigegy said...

They are definitely irresistible!

Kitty Baby Love said...

Thanks for the interview session :) It was nice to meet you ^_^

rachel said...

The bowling kitties are so cute! (I'm sure my cat would love to knock 'em down, too.)

Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness, those are the cutest crayons ever!