Sunday, March 1, 2009

Staycation Day 2: Spring on Polk

I've been to Spring once before, maybe a year ago and I remember being amazed by the layout of the store. They have really high ceilings and they definitely take advantage of this. I also love the uncluttered but not unfriendly feel.

Spring focuses in eco friendly products for the home, body and the kids. There was so much to look at so I took my time. The manager, Victor, was very kind and answered any questions that I had.

Do you see ceramics by Sarah Paloma on the upper left corner? :)

Someday, I wil treat myself to one of these bamboo or Coyuchi blankets. They were so soft and felt so warm. Sigh.

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Victor said...

Thank you so much for coming in and featuring us on your blog!