Saturday, February 28, 2009

Staycation Day 2: Yoga, doe and Polk Street

I started my day with a vinyasa class at Yoga Tree. I haven't done yoga in months and this class kicked my butt. I felt really good afterwards though so it was all worth it. I went back home to eat lunch and then made a bee line for doe.

I have some store credit to spend so I dove head first into the merch. I tried on about half a dozen clothes and finally settled on the Joe's Myrtle dress. I also bought these rosewood earrings that Mariele made, these Maya Brenner falling leaf earrings (which I've been lusting after for months) and of course I couldn't resist a bar of Vosges enchanted mushroom chocolates.

I am in love with these earrings. I think I will wear them everyday!

Now that the shopping itch has been scratched, it felt safe to head to Polk street to do some window shopping. I was hungry so my first stop was Crave. I ordered the mac and cheese which was good.

Now that I have my energy back, it's time do do more shopping at the Candy Store. Like the name suggests, this shop is chockfull of candy! They specialize in the hard to find nostalgic variety. Liana suggested that I try the chocolate covered pistachio and chocolate caramel candy. They were both so yum, but I am always partial to caramel so there you go.

The licorice shelf

It took a lot of willpower not to get these

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