Friday, August 10, 2007

the burning question

Well it's not really "burning" but that chair has been sitting at our house for a few months now. AT:SF posted my question that I wrote about the chair that we picked up from the street. I still haven't had time to research this at all what with all the moving, unpacking, travelling and working long hours at my day job lately.

In other creative news, the plan for this weekend is for us to paint my sewing room and the living room. I'm so excited to go to the paint store and pick the colors! Not so much excited about the manual labor, but it's part of the deal. I will definitely post the finished product here and on flickr. If I'm lucky enough to have time, I am also planning to make a few yoga mat bags to sell and also one to give to a new friend. My shop has been very empty lately and even if I don't sell any, it'll make me happy just to have more than 2 things there. I also just came back from NYC with my dear lenny, we stopped by the Purl Soho store and bought a few yards of ultra adorable fabric.

Stay tuned for finished products!

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Lenny said...

I was just thinking of a different design for a yoga bag.... like a very shallow shopping bag.. what do you think? That would help stop the pain of trying to slide it in. Let me dream a little more and then propose it to you.