Sunday, August 12, 2007

weekend report

I made some claims about grand plans for the weekend. Unfortunately, there is no finished product to show - yet. There are beginnings though, and they are promising ones.

Priming the walls.

Cut fabric, getting ready to sit down and sew! The 4 on top are my purchases from Pearl Purl (doh! thanks Lenny) during my recent NY trip.

Creativity of a different kind. I made dinner a few nights ago and this was the finished product. I used our new deep fryer which was a christmas gift from a friend.


Lenny said...

Hey! I want fried chicken too! And isn't Purl? :)

gigegy said...

Purl! Ack!

mati rose said...

mmm... a bit early today for fried chix for me, but looks good! i love the color of the room! it's a bit like my bedrooom:)

gigegy said...

hey mati and len - i can fried chix cook for you gals one day :)

unfortunately, we are covering that blue with some other color, stay tuned!

mati, do you see the fabric for your bag in that pile?