Saturday, February 21, 2009

creatures of land and sea

We finally made it to the newly re-modeled California Academy of Sciences at San Francisco's Golden Gate Park. I was very excited about this trip, the hubby and I blocked out our entire day and devoted a good amount of time exploring the museum.

Upside down Jellyfish

I love the colors and contrast of this diorama. I wish I had taken a better picture. It looks like it came out of fairytale land.

The rain forest exhibit.

The living roof with the Sutro tower in the background.

There's also a planetarium but we didn't get to go because the tickets were sold out. We also missed Claude, the albino alligator. He was being treated for this swollen toe. We bought a 1 year membership so we will definitely be back.

PS. How can I forget? We ran into Demi Moore and Ashton Kutcher at the rain forest exhibit. Of course I went into paparazzi mode and took some shots!

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