Sunday, June 22, 2008

back to the home front

Right after blogging about Willyburg, I have to turn right back around and talk about my hometown. Yesterday, Momo and I took a walk and ventured out onto the southern end of The Mission. I had read about Gravel and Gold in someone's blog (I can't remember which one) and figured that yesterday was a good day to finally check them out. It is a very tiny store but it is packed full of the most awesome stuff! Vintage clothes, bags and lovely jewelry. I tried on a fabulous vintage dress, but it was a wee bit small on me (sad) but I will definitely come back to check out their new stuff.

On my way to G&G, I passed by WhizBang Fabrics, what a pleasant surprise. It is also a small store and they sell mostly cotton prints. It kinda reminds me of Purl Soho of New York. I quickly browsed the store but didn't stay too long 'cuz I just didn't want to be tempted to buy fabric and add to my ever growing collection.

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Michelle said...

Hey. I bought the cute dress from you this morning. Check out my blog.
I always post the etsy shop I purchase from on my blog.