Sunday, April 6, 2008

more jewelry

I have been buying a lot of jewelry lately. After spending the morning at Alameda, the hubby and I went to Cortland for a drink and a walk. Somehow, the weather in the city was much nicer than the East Bay today. Weird. I stepped into Venus Gallery to look at the jewelry and art display. I fell in love with this necklace at first sight. I tried it on and decided to buy it, I love it!

This particular piece is by Jenny Jensen. I love the simplicity yet intricacy of her work

We spent some time talking to one of the partners, Lisa. I've walked by Venus a few times for the last couple of months and was always disappointed to find it closed. However, the last few times that I've walked past it lately, the gallery's been open and is showing great pieces of art and jewelry. Lisa said that she just started a partnership with it's original owner. Lisa's goal is to serve the Bernal Heights community and also to feature local artists and their work. I was very pleased to hear this because I think that Bernal definitely needs this vibe in the community. I can't wait to see the other works of art that Lisa has in store for us.

PS. I asked Lisa what kind of stone this is and she told me, but I completely forgot! Ooops. I will ask her again and post it here.

Update: Lisa wrote me back and told me that this stone is a green chalcedony.

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Lenny said...

Looks like an aventurine...