Sunday, April 6, 2008

flea market finds

There were a lot of people at Alameda today. This is the first time I've ever lined up for the entrance. The woman in line behind us said that the Chronicle had an article about the market in the paper, so we assumed that that's why the people of SF Bay Area flocked to the market today. The hubby and I were looking for a cabinet to store our china in but alas, we were not lucky. We saw something we liked but at $1400, it was easy to walk away from it. What? $1400?! It was nice but not that nice. I did not leave empty handed, however. With the help of my girlfriends, R and S, I found some very nice stuff.

These scarves were our last purchase of the day and we bought them at a reduced price. This first one is my favorite, it is made in Japan of 100% virgin wool.

Inspired by Lisa C's obsession.

I am VERY into hats right now. My gal pal, R, found this beauty and we bought it together to share. I am contemplating wearing this to a wedding that I'm attending next weekend. Hmm.

I love this blue fascinator. I will eventually put up a better picture, perhaps as part of a complete outfit.

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