Thursday, February 26, 2009

Staycation Day 1: Glen Park

I paid a visit to the Glen Park neighborhood of San Francisco today. My first stop was Perch on Chenery Street. This cute little neighborhood store was right up my alley. They had a great selection of cards, candles, kids toys and clothes, jewelry and home decor items. I had a chat with owner Zoel, and he said that Perch just had their first year anniversary. I personally think that they are a great asset to the neighborhood. I ended up buying a t-shirt for my husband and a soy candle from the sale table for me.

I also checked out Perch's neighbor Modernpast. They are redecorating/renovating the space right now so I didn't take any pictures. I'll go back when they're done and will post pictures here. I've always loved this store since they have such a great selection of mid century modern furniture. I also love the terrariums that they put together and then sell.

All this shopping made me hungry so I walked around to find some food. Based on Perch's Zoel's recommendation, I went to the deli counter at Canyon Market and ordered a sandwich. It was yum.

The deli counter at Canyon Market

We definitely have to go back to Glen Park for dinner. There are some promising restaurants here that we must try like Gialina Pizzeria, Le P'tit Laurent, Sangha and Chenery Park.

After eating, I hopped on BART and made my way to the Mission and spent a few hours at Mission Pie. More on it in the next post.

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