Sunday, February 1, 2009

can't buy me love

It's the season of love. Who said vday is for couples only? Take this time to tell your favorite peeps how much you care. Here's a gift guide for everyone on the list:

Remind Mom and Dad to rekindle their romance by getting them these custom couple portraits.

Tell your spouse how perfect you are for each other, at the same time you can fill that empty space on the wall that you've been staring at for months.

Since your boyfriend is always late to your dates, why not give him this clock? It's a subtle hint and I'm sure he won't mind adding something retro to his decor.

If you're a dude, why don't you surprise your girlfriend by giving her a key to your place and this key rack to go with it?

Girls, for your BFF tell her how much you love her by giving her hugs and kisses, vintage style.

Send your sis a recent snapshot of yours with this magnet so that she can put it up on her fridge.

For your brother who is getting no action, give him this mouse for all those hours that he spends online instead of meeting girls at the bar.

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