Sunday, December 21, 2008

Indie Holiday Shopping Series 2008: Rare Device

Talk about last minute shopping. I still have a few presents to buy. A stop at Rare Device will guarantee that I will cross some names from the list.

Here's what I'll buy from them:

Ted Light
This is made from vintage teacups. My love of teacups + lighting makes this a perfect item.

Clocky is a great gift for your friend who is always running late.

Radiolarian Shirt
There's a boy version and a girl version. This is by artist Lisa Congdon, who also co-owns Rare Device. This is a Poketo shirt. I love sea creatures plus the colors on this shirt just speaks out to me.

A Year of Mornings
I am a fan of 3191. I was so glad when I heard that they were making it into a book. This is a great gift for anyone who can use a little inspiration from the beauty of everyday things.

Pinky Ring
I've tried this on at the store. I really love how it's so simple and yet it makes such a statement. Maybe I'll go back and buy this as a birthday present for myself. Hmm..

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