Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Diana Fayt Studio Sale

Last Saturday, we made our way to the Bayview neighborhood of San Francisco to pay a visit to Diana Fayt's studio sale. We came around 12:30 so there were still a lot of pieces on display.

Her pieces are even more beautiful up close than I can ever imagine. You can tell how much love and labor went into them.

After being there for a good chunk of time (almost an hour? gasp!), I became overwhelmed with indecision. Should I get the bowl? the plate? the vase? the cup? the glowbowls? the canteen vase? I love them all! How can I turn my back on any of them?

In the end, the hubby helped me out by grabbing the bowl, handing it to Diana telling that we're getting this and the canteen vase that I had in my hand. I said goodbye to Diana feeling happy, I couldn't wait to get home to unwrap the presents that we just bought for ourselves. See more pictures of her studio here.

My very own Diana Fayt Canteen vase

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