Thursday, November 6, 2008

Kate Szabone

I have a co-worker who wears stacking rings everyday. Every time we're in a meeting, I always end up staring at her rings to admire them. I really love the look, she maybe has 8 stacked rings. I think the key to this look is to match different ring textures. I've been looking around for the perfect set of stacking rings but I've never really found any that I like, until I came across Canadian Kate Szabone. I instantly fell in love with her stacking rings. Since she gives you the option to customize or mix and match it makes it more fun to shop! I personally would get the following:

The whole combination only costs $175 for 5 rings! One of them even has a stone. That's a great price. Plus you can mix and match anyway you want. If you tend to be on the simpler side, she also has single rings that are simple and elegant.

In addition to rings, she also designs and sells earrings, necklaces and bangles.

Check out her etsy store right here!

*All images are from Kate Szabone's etsy store.

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