Thursday, October 23, 2008


I am a collector, not a pack rat but a collector. After moving so many times in the last few years, I've learned to periodically purge my closet, donate clothes and shoes that I don't wear anymore. Just a few months ago, we went through our basement, took out what we didn't need anymore and had a garage sale. But I collect. I have a collection of fabrics, buttons, threads, ribbons, hats, cards, teacups and saucers, ceramics, shoes, vintage clothes, magazines, books and so much more. I also have a virtual collection of blogs, photos, bookmarks and emails.

I save these things because I find them beautiful. I also collect them because in the present time, I honesty don't have time to sit down and admire their beauty. Instead, I file them for later use. For that time in the future where I will have countless number of hours to look, touch, explore and appreciate these things. For that time in the future when I will actually do something useful with these things, something that will make me happy and fulfilled. For the time when I follow my dream. I'm starting to think when that time will ever come? For when am I saving these things for? I'm feel more and more like I just keep pushing that future out. Because I'm too busy, because I'm too tired. Because I have lots of excuses.

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