Monday, October 29, 2007

food + sewing room update

I've been cooking more often lately, which makes the hubby happy. Maybe it's because of our inspired + inspiring kitchen. Whatever the case may be, I made a feast last weekend. I woke up that Sunday morning with one thought in my mind: cioppino. So I set out to our old 'hood, the Richmond, and bought lots and lots of seafood. I just have to say, even though it means that I have to toot my own horn, that it turned out fabulously. So fabulous in fact that I am already planning on making it for my in-laws when they come to visit us over the holidays.

Yesterday, I made pizza with tomatoes, sausage, pancetta and mushrooms. I also bought some pomegranate which is a first. I had to go online to find out how to open it. It is yum! We will definitely buy more before the season is over.

On to other things, I've started to organize the sewing room a bit more so that I can actually start sewing in there. I purposely wanted an open cabinet so that I will be forced to keep it organized and it's also a good way to display my collections of fabric, ceramics and art. This is not the final home of the prints, this is the for now location until I get the time to hang them up on the opposite wall.

Prints from L-R: Mati Rose's Sounds of Silence, theblackapple's Miss Cupcake, Lisa Congdon's Birch Tree, thrifted vintage botanical trio, theblackapple's Acorn Twins, theblackapple's Appledress Girl.

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