Friday, August 17, 2007

tgi (summer) f

One of the perks that we get at my new job is Summer Fridays. We each get 4 fridays off between Memorial Day and Labor Day (isn't that awesome?). Today was a Summer Friday for me. The goal was to make as many yoga mat bags as possible. Alas, I was too distracted by the gorgeous weather and my new neighborhood, I was only able to make a grand total of 1 bag. Oh well, 2 more weekend days to go, right?

Mati's yoga mat bag.

My breakfast, rice cakes on a pretty plate.

I spent most of the morning hanging out at our porch and making the bag. After lunch, I took a walk around the 'hood and did some grocery shopping. I'm planning another yummy dinner for the hubby tomorrow night. Here's a pic that I snapped during my walk.

Weeds can be pretty.

Ok, I'm off to happy hour with some friends and then maybe dinner somewhere afterwards? Tomorrow is the 14th Annual Hillwide Garage Sale. Hopefully we'll score some wares, I'll post them here if we do. Have a great weekend!

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