Sunday, April 15, 2007

weekend update

Yesterday, I made a yoga mat bag for a friend. I wont post the pictures yet cuz I want her to be the first one to see it. I'll put it up later this week after I give it to her. (Hey Alison!) I still have something to show you though, this very simple but colorful book bag. I love the blue bird, do you see it? Edit: This bag is now for sale at my shop!

A few people have asked me when my store will launch. I am hoping that day will come soon, probably about a month from now. I am trying to make more things to sell so that the shop won't look bare when I open. Since I really only have the weekend to devote to making things, it's taking a bit of time.

I purchased a bunch of fabric over the last week from various sources online and in-store. I am so, so happy. As usual, my collection is ever growing but I actually have a few ideas in mind on what to use them for.

I also have a growing stack of unread books by our bed. I took most of the free books that a neighbor left at the lobby of our apartment building. We also stopped by Green Apple after dinner on Friday and couldn't resist buying a few things from the bargain rack. A few of them are for mindless reading, but there are a few gems here and there.

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