Monday, April 2, 2007

from bombay with love

We went to see the Macy's Flower Show last saturday cuz I was intrigued by the Indian theme. Flowers and decorations were beautiful. They also had some one of a kind vintage-looking furniture for sale, unfortunately by the time we got there, they were all already sold. Here are the highlights. Click on the images to see a bigger version.

Tea set wall display.

Lanterns hanging from the ceiling.

Lovely, lovely chair and cushion.

Wonderful table setting using a peacock theme. I love the color used here.

Speaking of India, we watched Water over the weekend. It is sad to know that up to this very day, widows are still considered as outcasts in some societies in India and they are denied the rights to live a free life. The movie is a bit slow in some parts but I did get into it after about 15 minutes. I adored Sarala as Chuyia, Lisa Ray's performance was great and she is so pretty that it was very easy to watch her.

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